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You Cannot Please the World.

Not everybody will like you and that’s okay. It is fine because how many people do you want to impress really? Thinking about it, what’s there to gain especially if you have to pretend, make yourself uncomfortable and unhappy?

It’s very easy to say “Not everyone will like you” but sometimes, we forget that trying to please people or being concerned about what they think is part of being human. We care about what people think and we often want family, friends, and even strangers to like us. It’s how we’re wired. However, the honest reality is that not everyone will like the way you dress, how you think, and even you as a person. Sometimes, it’s because they don’t know you, and other times, it’s just because nothing you do will ever seem right in their eyes and as I said, it’s okay.

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Have you observed that it can be exhausting when you have to think about what each person will like? You want to please A and at the same time, you’re worried about pleasing B and you put so much effort into what they would like. Sometimes, you don’t even realize that you’re doing it. There was a point in my life where I cared so much about people liking me. I never wanted to get on their bad sides even when I wasn’t happy with whatever situation I was in. I wanted to be everyone’s friend and being everyone’s friend is not easy at all. I mean, people always have opinions on how you should live your life and it’s stressful, trying to fit in with their ideas on how your life should be. I learned that you cannot please everyone so I started filtering whatever opinions people had to give and listening to myself instead. It took a while but when I was finally able to rise above what everyone thought, it became easier.

you cannot please everyone

At first, it would seem like you’re on your own but at least you’re original. Most people often have to sacrifice the true versions of themselves because they want to please a group of people. You’ll find that the version of themselves being presented to the outside world is fake because they often suppress a lot of their opinions and emotions because they want to fit in. In the end, a person may not show the stuff he/she is made of because he/she is too busy letting people decide who he/she gets to be.

Most people often have to sacrifice the true versions of themselves because they want to please a group of people.

Sometimes, we find out that we’ve outgrown certain circles and that’s fine too. This is because, in growth, we learn that some people don’t fit in with what we believe in or that with them, there’s no common goal. Some people realize this and leave such circles but others stay because they’re scared of what people will say. They don’t leave their comfort zone and most times, they don’t fulfil potential because they care about what people will say.

Sometimes, we find out that we’ve outgrown certain circles and that’s fine.

It’s heartbreaking when people don’t get to try something new or develop their ideas because they feel that people will not like it. Why don’t you take the risk and find other people who have the same mind as you and will resonate with whatever it is that’s going on in your head? Some people will say “when you’re in Rome, act like the Romans” but for how long? You’re not Roman.

Truth is that no matter what you do and no matter how hard you try, you will not be liked by everyone because there are people who won’t like you for no just reason and you’ll just be wasting precious time, trying to please them. I mean, you don’t even like everyone so why should you go through all the stress of trying to make the whole world happy? Just do you and make you happy okay?


‘Ruona ❤️.

How are you doing? Don’t air me please.

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt you had to please people?

What’s one thing about you that nobody will ever change?

Have you ever left a circle or group of friends because you realized that they were holding you back?

Please put your comments in the comment box below. You know how much I love reading from you! 💜



My name is Oseruona Asak, but I'll let you call me ‘Ruona. I haven't found the perfect words to describe me yet but I’m very passionate about those things that are close to my heart, including sharing my thoughts with you.

20 thoughts on “You Cannot Please the World.

  1. I’m naturally very self centred, so instinctively I remove myself from situations that I please people all the time. It’s so subconscious that i don’t realise that I’ve done it till like two months later. I’m literally wired to reject being a Yesman. I know I cannot please the world, and I’m grateful that I don’t even want to.

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  2. In Nigeria we tend to wanna please family,that shit is killing😫😫😫
    Trying to do your own shit your gonna look back thinking on what they would say.
    Its really fucked up.

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    1. Sometimes, family is just there to guide you. You’re expected to make your own decisions. As long as you’re on the right track. Though I get that some families can be intense. It is well.


  3. Well, I was once a Yesman until I realised I was going miles for people who won’t even cross road for me. It irks me anytime I remember the times I compromised my comfort for others to feel comfortable. I realised I can not please the world and that’s okay. I am thankful I don’t want to anymore.

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  4. I’m fine oh… I’ve tried to please people at my own expense severally. I think sometimes people even do it subconsciously. And yes, I have left people that were holding me back because trying to please other people gets tiring. 🎈

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  5. Yeah I have been in situations where I had to go extra miles to please people and I can never and will never change my beliefs because of anyone.

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  6. As much as I say I won’t care about someone cuz of what someone else have done to me, truth is I’m wired to care alot and I’ve come to accept myself this way. So the one thing you can’t change about me is the amount of care and concern I show

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  7. Hi Ruona, it’s my first time reading your blog post, and it’s a really good read. For me I think being a people’s pleaser can be stressful, and most people don’t realize they do it. Personally I know what it feels like and it didn’t take me much time to realize it before I stopped. We’re all wired differently, and some have to learn the hard way. In the end, we all have our lives to live.

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    1. Welcome to Ruonaahsculture, Joachim. I’m glad you stopped by.
      I totally agree with you… We’re wired differently but it’s great when we realize that we’re doing something that’s not great for us and adjust accordingly.


  8. No, I can’t think of anything that someone, or a group of someones, couldn’t change about me. Too often I’ve found sides of myself I never thought I had due (mostly) to people I knew.
    And yes, I have left multiple groups, but the one that comes to mind is a group that kept me stupid and hateful, that posed as friends. It takes time to realize what’s bad for you, sometimes more than the time it takes to realize what’s good for you. But I didn’t want to live life used and abused, so I left them and made room for new friends, those who shared similar goals.
    What’s most saddening about all this is the thought that some friends left me because they outgrew me, but I know it’s true for everyone.


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