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Hello dear. How was your week? If you haven’t seen my previous post, you should do so. This past week, I fell in love with John Legend’s latest album, and here’s a screenshot of my top 4 songs in the album.

Update your playlist, dears.

Today, I’ve decided to remind you that it is common for us to make mistakes in our grammar, and most of the time, these words or phrases sound correct in our head. At times when we write them down, we don’t realize that they are wrong. People tend to make grammatical errors that ruin their sentences altogether especially on social media.

The importance of knowing when your sentence is grammatically incorrect cannot be overemphasized. This topic has been addressed severally but how does a person fix grammatical errors when he/she doesn’t even realize the mistake? This is why I’m here to point out these common mistakes to you. After today, there’s no way you’d be able to say that I’ve not done anything good for you because we’ll be looking at three popular errors people make in grammar, especially on social media.

Your English Lesson Has Commenced. Please be attentive. I’ll be looking at three common grammatical errors people make on social media.

I’M vs AM: ‘I’m’ is the contraction of I+am. This means that you use ‘I’m’ when you want to shorten ‘I am’. It is the informal way of saying ‘I am’ and that’s why it’s often used on social media.

you use ‘I’m’ when you want to shorten ‘I am’. It is the informal way of saying ‘I am’

On the other hand, ‘am’ is the verb and it is grammatically wrong to drop ‘am’ at the beginning of a sentence without a pronoun before it because proper English requires the pronoun before the verb. For clarity sake, I’ll be giving you examples:

If you’re asked ‘how are you’ and you respond with ‘Am fine’ or ‘Am so blessed’, you’re wrong.

As I said, you don’t throw the pronoun away.

Your reply should be ‘I am fine’ or ‘I’m fine’ or ‘I am so blessed’ or ‘I’m so blessed’.

Do you get me now?

THEY’RE vs THEIR vs THERE: I know how confusing this can get because to some people, they even sound alike but they are not the same. ‘They’re’ is a contraction for ‘they+are’, ‘Their’ refers to something that belongs to a group (theirs) while ‘There’ refers to a location. Now that you know the difference between the three, ensure that in the right instances you check that you are using the right ones in the right positions okay?

They’re’ is a contraction for ‘they+are’, ‘Their’ refers to something that belongs to a group (theirs) while ‘There’ refers to a location.

YOU’RE vs YOUR: The difference between these two is being something (you’re) versus owning something (your).

For example:

Ruona, you finished reading a 300-page book in two hours. You’re fast.


Ruona, are you not done with your novel yet?

In other words, You’re is the contraction of you+are while your is possessive.

If I say something on social media and you come to my dm and you’re like “haha, Ruona your funny”, you’re wrong.

We’ve come to the end of our English lesson and I hope you were able to learn something.

Until next time, dear.


‘Ruona ❤️


How are you really? Any gist from this past week?

What did you learn from this post?

Can you point out other grammatical errors that people make?

What are your plans for this coming week?

Please drop your comments in the comment box below. Engage me!! You know how much I love reading from you.

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Two Things I Despise.

Hello everyone! How are you doing? If you’re good then I’m good. The spirit of procrastination was about to descend on me but I declared that anything that will make me not publish today, God forbid.

I’ve been using this picture everywhere.

Permit me to show off my friend, Favour Didia. She’s beautiful and she’s my muse for this blog post because I don’t know how else to say thank you to her for coming through for me last week when I needed help. Thank you boo! I love you!!

Sometime last year, I was walking home and I happened to hear two very loud girls discussing. The one that was talking at that moment said something like “she no even fine better fine”. Apparently, they were gossiping about someone else and they were basically tearing the babe down. I continued walking but I couldn’t get that sentence out of my head and from that day till today, I’ve come across different people who have insulted other people’s appearances in one way or another, and like my friend said, it’s just their insecurities speaking.

I’m not even going to mince words. This happens a lot among women. How will a woman just sit comfortably in her space and start bad-mouthing or body shaming another woman without feeling anything? Or how will you just drop a degrading comment on someone’s appearance? Are you God? Honestly, it’s appalling and disgusting. I mean, what happened to women supporting women or whatever that stuff is called? Basically, it’s like there’s this competition between females. My question is why? Like, each of us are beautiful in our own way whether we like it or not and running other people down is just wrong and not sensible in my opinion.

If guys thought that they were going to be left out of this, they’re wrong. I happen to know some guys who take pride in joking about people’s appearances. I remember when a guy said that a girl looked like opera mini free mode. I clutched my chest because what is wrong with people? It was funny but imagine if the person was present and the person couldn’t take the joke, just imagine. What about those guys that slam other guy’s girlfriends? What’s there to gain?

It is one thing to point out to a person that his/ her appearance is not really appealing because you genuinely want to see the person look good and it is another thing entirely to point it out to make the person feel bad. Most of these degrading comments made about people are often done in their absence and it’s annoying because most of these people that make these comments will not be able to say it to the person’s face. So why say it at all? I think the most annoying has to be the comments people make about people they don’t even know. How will you just chill and call someone ugly? What is wrong with some people?

What about people that were born the way they are? I mean, there are people that genuinely do not like their appearances and it’s a struggle for them and you just saying things like “see how big your nose is” or “you’re really overweighted” and whatever does not really help matters. Do you think the person does not know? Instead of making them feel good, you trigger those insecurities and the annoying thing is that you do not know what they go through!! This is one of the causes of overthinking and depression. This is what makes people try to change their appearances and become suicidal.

Body shaming and bad-mouthing did not start today but I feel that we can do better and I cannot stress it enough. If you are someone that makes derogatory comments or jokes about people’s appearances, it’s time to stop. If you are someone that feels you’re in competition with everyone around you, I am here to remind you that nobody has your time. Each of us are beautiful in our own way and it’s time we started embracing that beauty and helping others embrace it too.


‘Ruona ❤️


Let’s try to raise people up instead of bringing them down. If you’re reading this, I don’t expect that you’re anything less than 15 years old. It’s never too early or too late to drop a habit. You’re grown so act like it.

Avoid negativity.


How are you really? Who else is tired of staying at home?

What are your thoughts about body shaming and bad-mouthing?

Do you think there’s a perfect way to treat people like these? ‘Cos I ignore them most of the time but a lesson or two won’t hurt, right?

Please put your thoughts in the comment section so we can discuss it. You know how much I love hearing from you!