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Hello, my people!! How are you doing? Great? Thank God. I’ve been here and there, you know? Trying to put myself together for resumption. As you may know, I’m a final year babe now so all has to be in order.

Appreciate the incisors of a final year babe

I started writing this on my way to Delta State while listening to Easy by DaniLeigh featuring Chris Brown and I was supposed to edit and publish as soon as I arrived but I had to clean my house and I was so tired by the time I was done. Anyways, I continued writing this on my bed the next day while my roommate, Juliet was making funny noises in her sleep.

I tried to publish immediately but apparently, WordPress had other plans. I got so mad and uninstalled my app. Well, I’m editing now and giving you the gist.

My IT report was supposed to be due on the 26th but it was postponed till the 30th. I was so happy because on the 25th, I wasn’t even close to being done. It’s not like I’m lazy or anything (at least I had written my acknowledgments and I also had an idea of what the table of contents will look like). Plus writing here is so much easier and I had to give you the inner scoop. By inner scoop, I basically mean what I learned during my internship or industrial training as it’s called. I have a feeling that it’s going to help one or two persons and I don’t just mean intending interns.

Here we go..

So, my IT was a nice experience and I met a lot of new people but I will not lie to you and tell you that every day was great and fulfilling. In fact, there are days when I dreaded going to work. On some days, I totally skipped work. This brings us to my first point:

Punctuality is hard: I mean, how do people do it? It was easy at first when I was enthusiastic about starting but mind you, that was when I was still young and full of life. Yes, three months ago. I tried and tried and tried and then I couldn’t keep up. I know it’s because I always got home late tho’. The times I left the office at exactly my closing time are not so numerous. Anyways, these are excuses.
Despite the fact that work can be stressful, it is very important to be consistent and being punctual is key to being successful in a work environment because it helps you to be organized and in tune with activities in the office.

Office people can be frustrating: Yes, I said it. Members of staff will annoy you or insult you and you won’t be able to reply because you’re just an intern. See, there was a point that I thought I would choke. One thing I realized tho’ is that as a person if you keep taking things to heart, you’ll keep on hurting yourself. I feel that there are some things that should just be overlooked. I’m not saying that you should allow people to take you for granted. God knows that I didn’t allow it to get that far because I’m the last person that will be the subject of ”see finish” but I had to be respectful no matter what. I tried as best as possible to have it at the back of my mind that I was only there for a period of time and I didn’t have to bring out the Warri spirit in me because people were watching. So I tried to endure because I didn’t want to leave on a bad note. I’ll give myself a 6/10.

If you have read up to this point, I hope you get what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to give solutions to issues that plague interns sometimes while trying to share my own experience. So, point number three:

IT Supervisors should be called messiahs: The week after I was supervised, it was just as if I didn’t have anything to prove to anyone again. Like, my supervisor literally came to save me. I started taking days off by myself without taking permission from work. I totally became lazy and uninterested. At first, I was feeling good until my industry-based supervisor pointed out to me that my performance had dropped. I felt bad because it was as if everything I had been doing was just for show and now, my true colors we’re coming out. A lot of other things were involved in my deteriorating performance especially the fact that I kept reminding myself that my IT was just 2 units but you see what I said about consistency? Take note of it because it matters a lot.

Funny enough, if you don’t want to work nobody will force you: It’s true because you’re a boss. Intern or not. But what will it profit you to come to the office and press the phone or watch movies throughout? I realized very early that because it is an office environment, the members of staff are often busy. In order for you to learn, you have to put yourself out there and ask questions. My dad always says that you can’t go wrong if you ask. If you say you just wanna come to the office and chill, nobody will disturb you but how will you acquire the knowledge you’re supposed to get? Most people will say that going out of your way to ask questions or volunteer to work is over sabi but the same “over sabi” nature was what enabled me to be able to go out for two Vox pops and file a news report that the editor used (and even added a byline) in my first week. It’s one of the things I’m proud of and do not regret because whatever it is you learn, no matter how small stays with you.

Las Las, I still left: I used to remind myself that I wasn’t there permanently especially on days when I started feeling like a staff (like the day I was given a Nigeria Info T-Shirt) but I wanted to be remembered. I don’t know if I will be but I tried as best as possible (tho’ I lagged behind during my last three weeks) to leave good memories behind. I also learned a lot and left with a lot. I met new people, made new contacts and friends and the thought of knowing these people makes me excited about the future.

Now, I’m just going to say that it was a great experience but I’m sincerely glad it’s over. I’m still contemplating if I would want to be working from 8-5 in the future but at least there would be pay.
I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with Cool Fm, Nigeria Info Fm, and Wazobia Fm. Shout out to my Uncle, Aro Leonard for making it happen.

Proof of Completion

Juliet was still asleep by the time I finished writing and I tried to convince myself to sleep too because I had been up since 3:20 am. I don’t even know why. Also, I was trying to make my blog posts short but as you can see, I didn’t exactly succeed.
Thank you for reading my IT report. As much as I would love to tell you that I’m done with my main IT report since tomorrow is the 30th, I’m yet to write my summary and recommendations. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to write the real one.


‘Ruona ❤️


You know that feeling when you want to give someone gist and you’re not able to and you start feeling like it’s stale? Well, that’s the feeling I’ve been having since the 26th. I don’t want to feel that way again.

Did you get something from this post?

What’s your favorite music right now?

Do you have any major IT experience to share?

Please make use of the comment box below!

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Hello everyone! It’s been a while! I hinted in my last post that I wouldn’t be available for some time but I’m back in full force now. I’ve been knee deep in school work and exams were a tad bit stressful but I give God all the glory ‘cos your girl is now in 400 level!! 🥳

Didn’t you hear me??! Your girl is officially in her FINAL YEAR!! *cue zanku* 😂😂

400 level pose 😎😎😂

This brings me to what I’m going to do today. I hardly ever do any appreciation posts because I believe that the ones that are close to me should know I love them and stuff. Also, all these mushy stuff does me one kind in my body. The subject will now be feeling fly and funky 🙄 but as I thought about the time I’ve spent in school from 2016 till now, I realized how grateful I am. I’m grateful to God Almighty who has kept me till this moment, I’m grateful to my parents and my brother who have been so supportive but this publication today is for three girls that have played major roles in my life since the day I met them here in school, Delta State University, Abraka. When I think about them, I just go “thank you Lord for bringing these people into my life”.

If you’ve read up to this point, just read till the end. I want you to meet these girls who have given me so much love. Sigh. I promised myself I won’t cry. Okay, here goes.

Meet BENNY!!

See this girl? This girl is my day one. Literally. The first day I went for faculty and departmental screening was the day I met her and we’ve been friends till date. Honestly, I don’t see her as a friend anymore. She’s my sister. Benny is so selfless! Benny is always willing to give! She’s always concerned about what I’m going to eat. She always gives a listening ear and every advice she gives is precious to me. Benny has been making my hair since 100 level. Benny makes sure I don’t look like a house girl next to her (she slays yunno?) She knows every single dress I own. 😂 She’s always calm and collected even when I’m panicking and she thinks fast and has a solution to issues almost every time. She’s the yin to my yang, she never likes seeing me sad. If I’m frowning, you’ll just hear something like “Ruona, repair that face now”.

Benny, words cannot describe how much you mean to me. You’re one of the many blessings that God has given to me and I’m grateful you’re in my life. So, so grateful. I love you, Benedicta.

I met Benny first and while I was still thanking God, He sent me another person, SOPHIA!

See this girl?? She has a heart that’s as pretty as her face. I love her so much, it annoys me at times. Sophia is my confidante, my walking diary. I can tell her anything and everything and she listens and never judges. Her sense of humor is just something else. Sophia introduced me to a whole new set of friends. She’s always there when I need her. You should hear her sing. She encourages me to love God more, she makes me want to be a better person. Sophia gets me. She always understands. The only day we got mad at each other, I started crying. I couldn’t eat or read. I guess when they say you find your soulmate, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the opposite sex. Sophia is my soulmate. Even the fact that she can be annoying gives me joy.

We’re going to 400 level now and she’s a medical student so she’s going to another town entirely to continue. I’m going to miss her so much tho’ I’ll deny it if anyone asks. I remind her all that I love her all the time 🙄 She knows it.

Okay 😪 okay 😪 I said I’m not gonna cry. I’m a big girl 😪 The last but not the least person I want you to meet today is my guy for life, JULIET!!

The story about how I met Juliet is a funny one but it’s obvious that God sent her to me because I would not have imagined in a million years that the person I met while working at Choba in Port Harcourt would be my roommate.

Juliet is all shades of fun, my personal hype woman!! I don’t know what I’d do without you, always making sure I’m eating and not looking sick 😂 Juliet is responsible for most of the weight I’ve added in school. She comes with peace of mind and her vibe and energy is contagious. Juliet can cook! She can bake!! Nobody can do shakara with baked goods for me because I have my personal caterer. Juliet has taught me to be stronger and to never give up. Juliet is a giver! She has been a huge source of encouragement, a blessing. Talking with Juliet is calming and fulfilling.

We’ve had our ups and downs but I’ll never trade my Julieee for anything. I’m grateful. You don’t know how much.

Have you read up to this point? Thanks for sticking around. This just had to be done. It’s been long overdue. I may not have so much to give these girls right now (cos I’m still waiting to blow 🤧) but I really want them to know how grateful I am because they’ve made my stay in school as smooth as oil.

I appreciate you guys so much. I’m counting my blessings and you are a part of them. May God bless you for me. Thank you 🤗


‘Ruona ❤️

P.S: Next 🔥 post coming real soon.