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You Don’t Rate Me 😏

You don’t rate me sha. If I should think about the amount of insult and disrespect you’ve brought to my name, I wouldn’t even be around you. I mean, what gives?
No, how do you expect me to feel? You toss me out of your mouth all the damned time and you’re not sincere about me. Do you think I’m like her? No babe, check well. I’m totally 1Cor. 13 and she’s the opposite! You know this so don’t you dare lie to me.

One would think that once you’d found me, you’d change and you’d eventually take me seriously but I’ve been wishing hopelessly because it’s obvious that you’re out to to shame me. I don’t even understand how you can paint her to look like me when it’s obvious that she’ll never be me. It’s like they’ve sworn for you. Yeah, they have. Those wicked village people of yours have decreed that you’ll never take me seriously, you’ll never appreciate me. Shame.

It’s no secret that you’ve used me for deceptive purposes, battered me with lies, caused me to lose my value in the eyes of people because of your unfaithfulness. They basically think I’m her now. There’s no difference anymore and it hurts. Why can’t you see me for me? Why can’t you present me the way I am? Why is it so difficult for you?

Just tell me what it is that you want. If you wanna be with me, be with me. If you’re choosing her, let me know but don’t confuse yourself or confuse people because I am done with this game.
Sincerely, if being with me is so hard, let me go but stop hurting people in my name because it isn’t fair and I can’t take it anymore.
So dear, choose. Yes, I said choose. Choose if you wanna be with LOVE or LUST ’cos I’m way more than all this and you’re gonna rate me.

Heeeeyyyy everyone!! Thank you for reading up to this point. In fact, thank you for sticking with Ruonaahsculture because guess what?! I am back like I never left!! Okay, I know I left but I had exams and if you’ve been keeping up with me, you’d find that I mentioned it in my previous post. Haven’t read it yet? Please click What’s Your Passion?

Meanwhile, just in case you didn’t totally get the raving and ranting above, I was trying to create a scene where someone was cheating on love with lust. You see, it’s common practice these days because people tend to clothe lust in love, totally disregarding the qualities of love itself and settling for lust instead. If you ask most people in relationships why they’re in love with their partners, you’d be amazed at the things you’d hear. I mean, how do you love someone because he or she has money or is fine or has dimples? Lol. What happened to the things inside that make up the person? Those ones are just ’jara’, really.
I know we’re learning every time and no relationship is perfect but it is what it is.

So, I was supposed to publish this on the 13th or 14th of this month but my exams that were originally supposed to end on the 14th started on the 17th and I had to give my best to school and I’m honestly glad it’s over. I actually woke up very early the day after I finished exams to read and then I realized that I was actually done 😂
I decided that I didn’t want to keep this in my draft unpublished especially since February is the month of love. You all know that there’s God in every move ’cos He gave me one more day to publish. Lol. Also, happy birthday to all the people I know that are born on the 29th of February!! It’s so cool that we get to celebrate you this year.

In other news, my mum’s birthday is tomorrow!!! Happy Birthday in advance, Mrs. Asak. I love you so much, mummy. God bless you and everything that concerns you. ❤️

Still on birthdays, mine is on the 18th of March (I’ll be back to remind you, don’t worry).
I actually have so much to say but I guess I’d stop here and give you the rest of the gist later. Hope you had an awesome February.


’Ruona ❤️


”You don’t rate me” is a slang for ”no respect”, ”no value” or ”no regard”.

How was your valentines day?? Please I need gist 😩 I was reading for exams 😩

What are your thoughts on Love and Lust?

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Stop Feeling Entitled.

I really appreciate the fact that you still click on the link to Ruonaahsculture, despite my inconsistency. I am really working on it, believe me.

Did you know that sickness can humble somebody? If I had listened to my mum when she was telling me to buy anti-malaria drugs, this story would have been prevented. Anyways, sickness humbled me. You should have seen Oseruona, looking like a shadow of herself. I mean, a sick person will just be helpless, surrounded by good food that the person cannot eat and totally dependent on drugs. Today, that’s behind me and I’m so grateful because I do not take God’s blessings for granted.

Forgive my manners.

How are you doing? I hope you’re good because I am great. I know I’m great because I have regained my appetite and I have eaten Starch and Banga soup, Fried rice and Beef, a Snickers bar and Pringles which I joyfully digested with coke and water in the space of five hours today. In my defense, today is world food day and God has allowed me to be a part of it 🌚

So, I haven’t been to school for the past two days because of my ill health and I forgot that time will not stop moving because of me. I got to class today and lo and behold:

I mean, I have so much work to do! The pressing issue right now is this group assignment that is due on Monday. Oseruona is tired. She wants to rest, please.

My stressed face is not your mate.

Moving away from all that, I just want to remind you that you are not entitled to anybody’s time. Some people need space sometimes and it does not mean that they do not love you. You cannot always be the center of someone’s universe all the time because like it or not, we all live separate lives and I’m sorry, but these people may not be there for you all the time and that is something you should accept.

Someone tweeted that some of you call your busy friends fake, forgetting that we’re not children anymore, forgetting that we all have priorities. Nothing stops you from checking on someone that you haven’t heard from instead of waiting for him or her to check on you. As far as I’m concerned, it is baseless pride and it cannot be emphasized enough.

Personally, I feel that if you’re not adding value to someone’s life, don’t expect that person to stick around. You cannot always be the one at the receiving end at all times. The appalling part of this situation sometimes is when a person who has been on the receiving end for so long starts to get offended when he or she stops getting those benefits. These people are selfish and they try to cage these ”friends” because of their benevolent natures, somehow convincing themselves that it is their right. This is just plain wrong.

The world does not owe you anything, dear. As a matter of fact, it is not anybody’s job to make you happy so if you decide to place your happiness in that busy friend, you will only have yourself to blame.

At this point, I’m just going to say how much I’m going to miss some of my friends in their 400 level, Medicine who are leaving Abraka to Oghara to continue their studies. Some of them are avid readers of Ruonaahsculture and they may not know it but they really made Abraka colorful for me. I’ll miss you guys so much. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing me at Oghara from time to time. 🌚 Please come and visit. I’m so proud of you guys.

I’m going to work on that assignment now.


’Ruona ❤️


Have you been in a position where someone felt that he or she was the center of your universe?

Has someone ever made you feel like you owed them anything?

Do you have any suggestions to better my consistency? I mean, I know I’m a lazy writer. Help me.

Who enjoyed world food day?

Have you treated malaria lately? I’m asking now, so don’t say I’ve not done any good thing for you.

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