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The Gossip Queen (TGQ)

Indomie liked to gossip. She was a professional in talking about matters that didn’t concern her and before you ask, Indomie is not her real name. She was called indomie because she always had mouth-watering gist garnished with lies and exaggeration and most of her listeners always slurped the gist up like noodles.

You see, gossiping comes naturally to people. You cannot deny that at one point in your life, you’ve not said something about someone in their absence because if you look at it, gossip is a casual conversation about other people that will most often involve details that are not true. You’ve probably heard some people justify gossip by saying “there’s nothing I’m saying here that I can’t say to his/her face” and in some cases, it may be true because not all gossip causes harm and if you didn’t know, there’s good and bad gossip. There’s good gossip in the sense that you can talk about someone in the person’s absence and say you’re proud of that person and I’m quite sure that you know that bad gossip comes from a place of hate, jealousy, idleness, or an inability to keep a secret.

Our gossip queen indomie dabbled in all forms of gossip as her mood decided and you can’t exactly blame her because she has always been one to talk a lot and it’s very easy when storytelling comes naturally to you. In other words, she just couldn’t keep her mouth closed and there were always people to listen and encourage her gossip ministry.

Before I continue with this story, you should know that Indomie did not have such a great childhood. She was an only child and she was well catered for but her parents were often busy with work and so, they rarely had her time. Indomie found comfort in school quite young and she made friends easily because they were always drawn to her stories. On days when she had nothing to tell, she ended up making up stories to capture the attention of her audience. Indomie also found out that people liked to listen to personal stories and before long, she started to lie. She’d tell her friends about her new Barbie and Ken doll that used to wake up, talk to her and walk about in her room. She was inspired by Toy Story and she told her friends that Barbie and Ken only spoke to her. Don’t ask me why her friends believed her. You can’t deny that you believed strange things when you were younger too.

As Indomie got older, she started telling people’s stories too. She fed on the satisfaction of always having the attention of her audience. After all, her parents didn’t have her time but her friends were interested in her. They knew she was lying most of the time but who doesn’t like to hear the scoop on the latest relationships or what happens when nobody is watching? The real question should be “how did she know these things?” She was brilliant no doubt and not all her facts were correct but as long as she had a source, her stories were in abundance. Sometimes, I wondered how people confided in Indomie because she’d always spill but even I can not deny that she was quite easy to talk to. The wise ones knew that if they wanted a rumor to spread like wildfire, all they needed to do was tell her and it was a done deal.

One thing you might have observed about gossip is that it’s often done in close circles. You see, gossiping promotes trust in a way because if I’m gossiping with you, I trust that you won’t spill, and even if you have a cause to talk about whatever we may have discussed, I trust that people will not be able to link it back to me. Indomie had a gossip circle – her group of friends. As much as they traded gossip stories, they also shared their secrets and they felt confident that there was an unspoken code of trust. They would gossip about other people but they would not gossip about each other. Gossiping together was entertaining and most times, they did it because they were bored or idle but as you may have guessed, they were not true to one another because as soon as one person left the group, she became the subject of discussion. It was terrible.

Grace, a member of the circle confided in Indomie that she was pregnant for James. She trusted that Indomie would keep this information to herself and not spread it because they were friends. Two days later, Serena had come to ask her about it and Janet had called her careless. How did they know? She only told Indomie!! At the end of the week, everybody had heard about her pregnancy and even had twisted versions of the story. To make things worse, James broke up with her.

There was no way Grace was going to forgive Indomie. Indomie was the only person she had told. She thought she had confided in her friend. She should have known better. Grace vowed that Indomie would go down with her and that was when she started her rumors. She would hurt Indomie with her words too. She went to the circle and told them every dirty secret she had on Indomie and willed them to do whatever they wanted with the information. Indomie started receiving remarks on her deepest darkest secrets and it was just too much for her. Before long, the gossip queen became the subject of gossip. Grace did not hide the fact that she was responsible and even when Indomie tried to retaliate, she discovered that Grace had done irreparable damage to her reputation.

Indomie wanted the humiliation to stop. She wanted to go to school and walk freely without receiving stares of disgust. She tried to talk to Grace, to tell her to take back the words she said but there was nothing that could be done. Her dirty linen was out for the public to see. She was no longer a part of the circle, nobody wanted anything to do with her, nobody wanted to hear her stories and her parents were still not available. Indomie could not take it, she wasn’t strong enough. She decided to end it all.

On her bed, overdosed on pills, Indomie was found dead. Grace would not stop screaming when she heard. All she wanted to do was make Indomie feel the way she felt. She didn’t want her to die. Grace hasn’t forgiven herself and as much as she wants to convince herself that Indomie made her do what she did, she knows she went too far.

They were friends. Indomie made the mistake of spilling her secret. Should Grace have spilled hers too?

Tell me.


Ruona. ❤️


How are you doing today?

This is purely a work of fiction, and it was not written in reference to anyone, living or dead.

What did you think of Indomie and Grace?

Why do you think people gossip?

What gossip experiences have you had?

Can we ever stop gossips? How do we prevent it?

Please leave your thoughts in the comment section. You know how much I love reading from and replying them 💜.



My name is Oseruona Asak, but I'll let you call me ‘Ruona. I haven't found the perfect words to describe me yet but I’m very passionate about those things that are close to my heart, including sharing my thoughts with you.

27 thoughts on “The Gossip Queen (TGQ)

  1. My first thought was ‘this cannot happen in Nigeria’ like committing suicide bc people are talking.
    But on second thoughts it very much can, it might not be so frequent but it can.
    We should all be careful of the words that comes out of our mouth to/about friends and foes.
    Make it a habit to say good things only, when you are asked do you know Jane, even if Jane is a bitter person, a sex worker, a snub, a liar, etc. Jane could have a pretty smile, she could be beautiful, she could be fashionable. Say the good things ONLY.
    Bc you never know if that person could be in a position of help or importance to Jane, and it could be you. So say good things only and let it pass, don’t judge bc believe me none of all is 100% good.

    Meanwhile, your consistency constantly makes me happy R.🤍

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  2. Indomie was mean, but not all mean people are mean because they really want to cause anyone harm. They simply know no other way to get attention. And usually, because they don’t know healthy ways to get attention, they end up in terrible predicaments. RIP Indomie😔 you deserved better.

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  3. As humans , it’s normal for us to want to payback when someone treats us bad and that was what Grace did because it can really be hard to just stay put and let it go , while for some they just let go of it
    I try as much not to gossip about people , though it’s hard because you see yourself doing it without knowing sef and another thing is that gossipers always say bad things about people that are better then them most of the time, so in some situations when I hear something bad said about me , I just think about the person and it’s clear that oh, let me just let it slide , cause bro , If I’m not doing well dear , you won’t even notice me or even say anything about me 😂😂 So for me ,gossip hardly gets to me most times

    Well done RuOnA ❣️

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    1. I wanna get to that point where nothing bothers me anymore. In my case, if I hear that people are gossiping about me, I don’t mind. My problem is usually when it’s not what I want to hear lol.

      Thank you for stopping by 💜💜


  4. I was practically glued to my screen till the end of the story, lovely graphics too.

    I noticed that people who gossip a lot are very friendly, you won’t even know when you become so close.
    I try my best not to say ill things about people rather I project the things they are good at.

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  5. People love stories, not minding wherever they’re real or fake, if it’s interesting enough they’ll keep passing the gist to the next person. Unfortunately gossip is not easy to stop, the best you can do is make a conscious effort to avoid it.

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  6. Indomie got to feel what she made others go through and she couldn’t handle it. If you love to gossip then you should be able to handle shit when you’re being gossiped, however this is not always the case.

    She shouldn’t have killed herself and I’m glad this is a fiction.😅

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  7. I think it just shows how important it is to keep people’s secrets, either because they trust you or because they know yours too.

    Indomie (funny name tho) was fickle hearted but she was comfortable and dopamine-filled sharing another’s secrets… I feel sorry for her but that’s why you shouldn’t tell…

    It could’ve been Grace who committed suicide if we really think about it. Especially since society in most cases outcasts people with pregnancy out of wedlock…

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    1. Indomie was the first thing I thought of when I started writing so I just went with it 😅.

      I know of some people that justify talking about other people’s secrets by saying “you didn’t tell me not to tell anyone” or “is so and so not your friend?” or “it doesn’t matter” but the truth of the matter is that when a person confides in you, there’s a certain level of trust and most times, it’s best to keep quiet.

      As for the twist in the story, that’s it. A twist.


  8. The difference is, Indomie didn’t spread the gist intentionally, it’s her nature
    It’s Grace’s fault that she confided in Indomie. One could have a thousand friends but each to what you can tell.
    Grace did that intentionally and it really hurt Indomie.
    Inferentially, Grace was wrong.. she should have been the bigger person.

    Great story Oseruona

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  9. I never really liked indomie sha, I cant still finish hungry man 🤣🤣. On a more serious note just keep your mouth shut and dont trust anyone with your secrets for trust is fickle and human beings are wicked. Talk to God and find other ways to deal with your troubles

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  10. Why would I publish my own piece on the subject of gossiping, if you had already done such an excellent job of getting the message out in the open?
    Bad gossiping cost me my marriage, my daughter, and my business. And the gossipers? Nothing happened to them. I paid heavily and unfairly for the entertainment of people whom I trusted.
    You see, there are two things people reject: responsibility and accountability.

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    1. Oh my God! I’m so sorry about what happened.

      Gossip can do a lot of damage and I hope people begin to realize the impact of their actions.

      I agree with you. People tend to reject responsibility and accountability.

      I sincerely hope you’re doing okay. I cannot begin to imagine what it was like for you.


      1. “God have ears too.” That is the message I sent to those people.

        I take what comes my way and do the best I can.

        I liked your story. I am not going to publish mine. Yours is better.

        When I was a little girl, primary school, somebody told me a story. I can only remember a little bit of it. It was a loooong time ago. This piece with me :
        a Priest resigned from his position. The congregation asked him why he resigned. He said that he accepted another position. They pressured him to say where, so that they can spoil his new job. If they succeeded, they thought, they could keep him, because he was a good priest. But he was one step ahead and told them that he would preach for them one last time.
        Sunday came. The service started and and he said: I would rather preach and teach convicted murderers, thieves and rapists who are willing to learn, than preach to a congregation of gossipers who learn nothing.” Then he walked out the door.

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      2. I think you should publish yours. Someone else might need it.

        I think I’ve heard this story before too.

        I’m glad you’re doing the best you can.


  11. Reason I don’t reveal so much about me. If you don’t know me, you can’t gossip about me🥴 I no like wahala. People will be like Ib don’t you have friends? Which friends?🤔 Friends for what? If I have a problem that is weighing me down I talk to my mother 😅 She will not gossip about me

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