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A moment of silence for George Floyd.

A moment of silence for Uwa Omozuwa.

This past week has been something else. What is happening in the world for God’s sake? The funny thing about all of these is that these people are the ones that we happen to know about. What about others that we’ll never know?

I usually don’t address sensitive issues like these because they are just that – sensitive. But how long will we continue to sit back and be witnesses? I mean, these are the lives of people like you and me. But the other question is what should we do? What can we do? Or should God just come and take His people home? Because I’m tired and sick of the negativity in this world. In fact, I’m tired of being tired.

Mr. George Floyd was killed for allegedly presenting a forged cheque to a cashier who called the cops on him. He was begging. He kept saying ”I can’t breathe”. There was a white cop restraining him with his knee on his neck. That white knee killed George Floyd. Of course, everything happened because they ”suspected” that he was trying to be fraudulent. The cheque wasn’t even fake. The only mistake he made was that he was black. Racism in 2020? Really?

Uwa. Uwa was 22. She just gained admission into the University of Benin but she’s gone now. She was raped and brutalized in a church. A church!! Women are not safe anymore. Is this how we’re going to keep living in fear? It’s scary, to be honest. What excuse is there for rape?

These days, people can’t even come out to protest against these wrongdoings because there is no more justice. Tina was just an innocent bystander cut down in her prime from a stray bullet. Bullet from the gun of a policeman that was supposed to be protecting this innocent soul. She was 16. She didn’t deserve to die. Will she get justice?

A moment of silence for Tina Ezekwe.

Honestly, my heart cannot take anymore and all I want is for justice to be served. Will Uwa get Justice? What about Floyd? What can we do? What can we do?? We deserve better! The world deserves better. What can we do?!



I’ll be seeing you in the comment section.



My name is Oseruona Asak, but I'll let you call me ‘Ruona. I haven't found the perfect words to describe me yet but I’m very passionate about those things that are close to my heart, including sharing my thoughts with you.

20 thoughts on “NO EXCUSE!

  1. This is all so sad, really!
    It’s worse that the truth is that we can’t really do much.. but what are the women holding power doing in this country.? The ones that their husbands are the president or heads of state or sth…

    The least we can do right now is self defense.. tasers and pepper spray., and being careful 😓

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  2. Floyd’s case is something i don’t even want to talk about, because e dey pain. Been black isn’t a curse o, say no to racism and tribalism which every you practice just stop it! Then It’s really sad, I hear people asking why will she be reading in a church, then I wonder if they give medals for foolishness. Pls in the name of what ever we believe in let’s say no to rape. How dare one go into a church to perform such evil act, pls let’s develop self control as a skill. Do not relent efforts in praying for your pervert friends too. Meanwhile concerning Tina’s case, gradually I get disgusted whenever I see police men, yeah I know we still have few good ones. But their nonchalance and lackadaisical attitude to service is irritating. …. What can we do? Without been told we know what’s right, let’s just let our good morals guide us.

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  3. My heart still melts over these happenings. But what can we do? If only We could push time back and warned them not to do or go to those scenes they were killed. May God safe us all oh.
    Justice for each and every soul ❤

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  4. “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” – Martin Luther King, Jr. August, 1963.

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  5. Honestly there’s a lot going on in the world, all at the same time. Makes us helpless. Most people might say it’s just me, I’m one person, I can’t change in person. That’s totally wrong. Start with yourself, and slowly educate people around you, your siblings, your parents, your children. Especially the children, imagine if that racist cop was taught by his parents that skin colour is just that… colour. Imagine that rapist was properly educated by his parents that women are not objects, their humans, that he doesn’t have a claim over any woman, that he should never force himself on anyone. Talking would do a whole lot especially with the children (they’re our second chance).
    Some would obviously still go astray but a lot of them would heed the right path. Don’t leave it to your children or the ignorant people around you to “find their way”, don’t say it’s not your business because it is. The dead could’ve easily been any one of us.

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  6. The Floyd thing is painful alright but e no too concern me, it’s the rape, you can’t say it’s the victims fault if course it’s the wild animal in human skin that’s at fault, the country we live in has a useless justice system, it could be better but it’s still out fault that it’s not getting better, So let’s say to put more fear in the hearts of rapists they decide rapists are sentenced to death,A lot of innocent people will die some are already in prison for nothing, because we also have stupid useless women in our society as useless as the rapists who falsely accuse people of rape, and the whole we need to do better as a nation is just talk, This country where we are already suffering too many things in silence, everybody get their own personal wahala, nobody is going to go out of their way to fight for other people. I’m not saying rape isn’t terrible but it’s not only women who are live in fear in this country, men and women and children are living in fear of different things, I know I’m ranting Sha, it’s just how it’s doing me

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  7. Only God can save us😥
    I’ve been reading post of some people saying that Uwa’s case is her fault😡 Like how???? The crime she committed was going to a church to read late at night??? It’s no longer she was skimpily dressed, now is why did she go out by that time????? When will people stop justifying rapist?? When?? 😢😢 We can do better in this world. We can🙎 I pray the families of these said people can find peace one day🙏 Nobody deserves to go through this.

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  8. “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” – Martin Luther King, Jr. August, 1963.
    57 years and this dream is still just a dream. It’s really sad that issues like racism, tribalism and are still rampant in this age. Still baffles me how humans look at other humans and decide that they are not good enough or up to certain standards because of geographical differences.

    Rape on the other hand has nothing to be discussed about it. It’s a shockingly vile, extremely wicked and animalistic behavior worthy of the death penalty. Any form of consent that is not yes is a no. If a no comes before the yes it’s still a no!!! Simple

    What can we do about these sensitive issues that hasn’t been done? Educate? Protest? Punish? Hope? The world deserves better truly but What can we do?

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  9. These happenings are just plain heart breaking. Like, how did the white police officer feel when literally killing his fellow man with his own hands?? God! It just shows that these white people see blacks as less than human, animals that they have every right and control over. I believe that their justice system is still biased towards blacks or doesn’t address issues like this properly because things like this happen again and again. Well, it’s not my place to talk about their justice system. Let me come back to my Nigeria.
    Tbh, I usually don’t rant about issues like this but as you said, how long will I sit back and be a witness? I don’t even know what to say again, whether to talk about the beasts that perpetrate such evil or the police, or the justice system that will most likely do little or nothing to bring the criminal to face the punishment for his actions.
    I’d just say it is well, it will be well. God help us all.

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  10. Floyd. I watched that footage over and over again. Sad. And in Nigeria It’s same stuffing out of life off people with wonderful destinies yet unfulfilled. No where is safe. These are truly perilous times. Justice where are You?

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