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I miss writing. I haven’t had time for myself since and sometimes, when I think about publishing, I’ll remember all the school stuff I’m supposed to be doing. Sigh.

I’ve been keeping myself company with publications from other bloggers. I mean, if I’m not able to write without feeling that I’m not giving importance to other things in my life, I can read. Here’s something I read on Taisah’s Diary owned by my girl, Hasiat today. She’s quite funny and you’ll like it because it’s a relatable topic so click here.

How are you doing by the way? You had better be good ’cos, after all, it’s almost Christmas. Meanwhile, I may look alright, calm and collected but deep down, I want my Mummy and Daddy to buy me Christmas clothes and shoes this year. I mean, I’m still your baby girl, Mr. and Mrs. Asak. 😪
Soo, what are your plans for Christmas? are you going to turn up? Do you have money for Detty December? Well, if you don’t have money or if your December is going to be low key like mine, you can join in this Detty December challenge my boo found on the internet:

You don’t need so much money for these.

Speaking of money, I HOPE YOU KNOW HOW JANUARY USUALLY IS?! Yes, dear. I’m shouting for emphasis because if you remember correctly, January this year was like three months in one. Please, while you’re turning up for December, remember to save because January is usually very long and people are usually broke. You can say how kind I am and how I always have your best interests at heart in the comment box.


Moving on, I know I’m pretty late on this but Fireboy’s album!!! If you have anything bad to say about that album, you are a hater and we should submit your case to Jesus. That album is the first Nigerian album I’ve listened to on repeat. I like all the songs and do you know one thing that makes it unique? Fireboy did not feature any other artists on his album and he still produced fire!! The guy is good abeg.


What do you want to talk about today? Sorry, what do you want to read about? When I started writing this, I didn’t have anything in mind but now, I’m thinking that since the year is gradually coming to an end, we should talk about some stuff that need to be fixed before 2020. I’m just going to write them as they come to mind.

WATCH YOUR TONGUE: So, we all know that some people do not have manners. They don’t have manners at all. There are people that will go out of their way to be blatantly rude to you for no reason. Frankly speaking, some people will just make you feel terrible as if you’re the cause of their problems. We have often heard this saying that “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. But no! They’ll just drain your self confidence and if you’re maybe feeling depressed, they’ll depress your depression too. Smh. What I’m trying to say is that if you’re someone that talks anyhow with no regard to other people’s feelings, please stop it because nobody is smiling with you anymore and I’m very sure that if the tables were turned, you won’t be able to take it. Words cannot be taken back, no matter how many times you say sorry. Be careful, don’t talk carelessly. In fact, drop the annoying attitude today. God bless you.

STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO PEOPLE: I’ve talked about this so many times, so much that I’m confident that I can write a book on it (Mummy, please after reading this don’t come and tell me about how I should start writing a book. I have enough on my plate as it is. Thank you Ma). Okaaayyy, as I was saying; You’re your own unique version. Nobody, I repeat, Nobody is better than you are. You honestly don’t know how many people wish they could be where you are now. While you’re busy comparing yourself to others, you tend to miss out on the other great things about yourself. Just because you’re not where you want to be yet doesn’t mean you won’t get there. Walk at your own pace.

IF IT’S GONE, LET IT GO: A lot of us are guilty of holding on to the past, letting our past define us. As much as I believe that we should try to get closure, we should not dwell on it for so long. How exactly are you supposed to proceed with your life if you’re still holding on to what’s gone already? You’re basically holding on to nothing. There are some friendships and relationships that you just have to let go of not necessarily because you want to but because they’re not worth fighting for anymore. Holding on to these things just make you lose your peace.

This is me trying to make this blog post short so I’m going to stop here but I’m just gonna add that we should continually think positively and eat our fruits and vegetables.
I think we’ll be seeing each other one more time before this year ends. Meanwhile, just take care of you and stay happy.


‘Ruona ❤️


Detty December is a trending phrase on the internet which implies that people are going to have fun this month with the festivities and all.

What are your Detty December plans?

Have you started saving for January?

What other things do you think people should fix before 2020?

What do you think of Fireboy’s album?

Please do well to share your thoughts in the comment box below. Thank you!!



My name is Oseruona Asak, but I'll let you call me ‘Ruona. I haven't found the perfect words to describe me yet but I’m very passionate about those things that are close to my heart, including sharing my thoughts with you.

66 thoughts on “DETTY DECEMBER

    1. Alright.. I understand what this whole Detty December thing is. Thank you Ro.
      I do not have any December plan for enjoyment. I want to rest and recover from school stress. Besides the holidays… too short.
      I haven’t listened to Fireboy’s album, but I like him.
      Thank you for the tips and all..

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  1. Nice write up my sister. Thanks for reminding people that too much spending for detty December will cause babianla January. + I’m definitely taking up the lowkey detty December plan.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. This guy!! You tend to make all your blog post fun. I love you and the way you do your things.
    I think I was one of the first people to listen to Fireboy’s album, it was on repeat for 2 days straight. All I can say is that he’s the future and a National treasure. Ruona, come and give me money now, I am begging.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww I love you too!! Ah ahn. See you carrying first position for Fireboy 😂 I totally agree with you tho’. He’s really good.
      Mayo my dear, it’s only audio money that I can promise you rn. 😩😂 But since you’re begging, com to my dm and we’ll talk about it. I said talk oh.


  3. I admire greatly the method with which you encapsulated the espirit of Yuletide while throwing in a bunch of wise words without being belligerent or overbearing. The old adage states that you coat should be made to suit you has been cleverly instituted and discussed here in the subtitle “STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO PEOPLE”.
    I enjoyed reading this and I’ll be glad to read more of your perspicacious work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank God I went to school. Who do you want to intimidate with all these big words? 😂😂😂
      I’m glad you liked it. Ah, I even noticed your name. Pele o. Engineer 😂😂
      Thank you for stopping by, jare.


  4. Yo… This some conversational blog like I could picture a rouna (hope I spelt that well) talking to me as I read through… Detty December… M searching that up now ND I’mma be on your blog a few more times

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  5. I am glad the comment section is back from where ever it ran to. Thanks for featuring the link to my blog dear, I love you.

    It’s really not easy not to hold on to the past but thanks for the advice dear.

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  6. Nice write-up Ruona. About things we should fix before 2020, I’d say rather than making a list of people we want to cut off and cut down this time of year, we should think of how we can add value to the people we have.

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  7. Nice write-up Ruona.
    As for things we should fix before 2020, I’d say rather than making a list of people we want to cut off and cut down this time of year, we could think of how we can add value to the people we have.


  8. should write a book, and people would love it.
    Really nice write-up ….interesting. And good advice too.
    From the self care list, amongst others, I’d try reading at least a book. It says 3, but lemme start with one….I’m really not a good reader, I gotta change that.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I don’t have any detty December plans sadly, I plan to read my book as DELSU exam and January as a month are not two friendly competitors. Nice blog post though keep d juices coming

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  10. My plans for this Christmas are to have as much fun as possible with my family, God, I miss them so much, this means I’d have to wash lots of dishes😭 but what can I say? Small price to pay for redemption, yeah? 🙂. I’m also going to sleep and eat all that I can, I’ve never been this stressed in my life😒 All I want and need for Christmas is my family 🥰

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  11. Good advice. Christmas is not all about having fun but a time for sober reflection. As we celebrate let us also think about our lifestyle and make our ways right. Enter the new year with a right attitude and don’t forget to save and plan for the year ahead

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  12. Comments Don already full everywhere.

    Well Fireboys Album is… Fire 🔥

    The whole watching your tongue thing, I realized that I usually say mean things that shouldn’t be said to people so I’ve been watching my tongue for a while now, so far so good.

    If it’s gone let it go, my daughter that thing is not easy😢, people can say it’s a process yen yen, sometimes the process takes forever.

    As for Detty December, it’s gon be lit 😁

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