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I’m laughing 😂😂

Taisah's Diary

21st, March 2019.
7:36 pm

(Clears throat)

First and foremost, you are welcome to my mini blog where I will be posting a lot of familiar and random happenings of concern.

I don’t know why I decided to start my blog with the “earpiece chronicles” but, that was the thought that stole it’s way into my head while I was thinking of what to post.

One of my experience using the earpiece was… “I was listening to one popular afro Nigerian music, while tapping my feet and lip syncing. Feeling myself and feeling like a rapper, I started waving my hand just like rappers do and nodding my head, not until my mum stood in front of me, watching me like I was some specie she was trying to examine. It was like I was in a trance, I saw her lips moving but couldn’t tell what she was saying…

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I'm Oseruona Asak, popularly known as 'Ruona. I think it’s weird that I cannot describe myself perfectly but I’m passionate about those things that are close to my heart, including sharing my thoughts with you.


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