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I woke up this beautiful morning and I decided to write something for Nigeria’s independence. In the process of writing, I realized that I had started criticizing and it occurred to me that it has become the norm for us, the citizens of Nigeria to criticize the nation, like there’s no way forward. I made up my mind that I didn’t want the usual pessimism floating around on the day that is regarded as the nation’s birthday and so, as I began to think about the various issues that concern Nigeria, I made a prayer point for each. Surprisingly, they coincided with the 58 years in which we have been independent.


1. I pray for mercy.

2. I pray for peace among us.

3. I pray for guidance and direction.

4. I pray for integrity in all of us.

5. I pray for development.

6. I pray for help in times of trouble.

7. I pray for wealth and health.

8. I pray for solutions to problems.

9. I pray for optimism.

10. I pray for unity.

11. I pray for protection.

12. I pray for bountiful harvests.

13. I pray for wisdom.

14. I pray for excellence.

15. I pray for justice.

16. I pray for opportunities.

17. I pray for good examples.

18. I pray against discouragement.

19. I pray for the fear of God to abide with our leaders and citizens alike.

20. I pray for focus.

21. I pray against fear.

22. I pray for hope.

23. I pray for healing in every sector.

24. I pray against corruption and it’s seeds.

25. I pray for creativity.

26. I pray for forgiveness.

27. I pray that we achieve set goals.

28. I pray for love among us.

29. I pray against parasites.

30. I pray against wrong motives.

31. I pray against natural disasters.

32. I pray against costly mistakes.

33. I pray for recognition.

34. I pray for strength in times of weakness.

35. I pray against ignorance.

36. I pray for the fruits of the spirit.

37. I pray for empowerment.

38. I pray for the rise of catalysts.

39. I pray for cleanliness.

40. I pray against excuses and sluggards.

41. I pray for beauty.

42. I pray for time.

43. I pray for courage.

44. I pray for satisfaction.

45. I pray for growth.

46. I pray for Grace.

47. I pray against vain efforts.

48. I pray against violence.

49. I pray for humility.

50. I pray for humanity.

51. I pray against false accusations.

52. I pray for help for the less privileged.

53. I pray against an unprofitable independence.

54. I pray for motivation.

55. I pray against greed and embezzlement.

56. I pray for a prayerful nation.

57. I pray we continue to believe.

58. I pray for answers to our prayers.

Happy Independence day, Nigeria.

Grow strong, live long.

‘Ruona ❤️



My name is Oseruona Asak, but I'll let you call me ‘Ruona. I haven't found the perfect words to describe me yet but I’m very passionate about those things that are close to my heart, including sharing my thoughts with you.

2 thoughts on “58 PRAYERS

  1. God bless you my dear daughter for not following the crowd to condemn your roots … your country! Nigeria will rise again!! Nigeria, we hail thee!!!

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