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Hey people! I was watching a show on Planet TV some time ago and the host talked about how we come in contact with different people and that there are some types of people that should be avoided. She talked about guys mostly and the types that should be avoided.
As girls, ladies in the making, there are specific guys that you should avoid having in your life at all costs. My dad always says to me (and I quote) “Ruona, always set your standards”. No girl should have to settle for less than what she deserves and there are some types of guys that a good, God-fearing girl should not be associated with. Okay, before you start thinking I’m giving a motivational speech, I’ll go straight to the few points the TV host mentioned in conjunction with mine.
This update is for the girls mostly so guys, you can carry on with your businesses.
You’re still here? Fine then.

Types of guys to avoid:
1. THE UNDERACHIEVER: This type of guy is comfortable where he is, he doesn’t like challenges. He is someone who doesn’t do well in school or at work as he could do if he worked harder. This kind of guy doesn’t like stress and most times, does not have long-term goals. He would not encourage you to achieve your goals and eventually, he rubs off on you. Trust me, this is someone you do not want to be associated with.
2. THE RUDE: People that are rude are a turn off. Guys that are rude to people, especially their mothers should be avoided. I mean, this kind of guy literally will not have an ounce of respect for anybody if he cannot respect the person who birthed him. Watch out.
3. THE BOSSY: The bossy kind of guy dictates what you wear, where you go, your friends, and so on. Someone like me that loves her freedom will not do so well with ‘bossy boots’ in her life. Always telling a person what to do and when to do it really gets old and annoying. If a girl is not careful, this kind of guy starts telling her how much money to withdraw from her own account (rolls eyes).
4. THE TROUBLEMAKER: This is the kind of guy that is most likely to start a fight at the least provocation. Any guy that is prone to violence or deliberately causes problems or arguments should be on your list of guys to avoid.
5. THE NUDE FREAKS: This kind of guy pressures you to send nudes. Let’s be honest okay? Someone that really respects a girl will not even THINK about asking her to send nude pictures or as they call it these days “sexy photos”. I still don’t get why guys ask for them but what baffles me most is the fact that some girls respond eagerly. A guy that starts asking for nude pictures is shooting a danger signal. Beware.
6. THE ANTI-FEMINIST: This kind of guy is strongly against the idea that women should have the same rights and opportunities as men (key word being STRONGLY). He would rather have his wife sit at home and will never be happy if she earns more than he does. He doesn’t see anything good about the female gender and will not be able to encourage the girl in her aspirations. This could stir up controversy in some minds but considering this present time and age and the various achievements of women in various parts of the world, do you think ladies should settle for the anti-feminist?
7. THE PLAYBOY: The playboy seems perfect. He tells you what you want to hear and most times, you feel like he is the one that hung the moon (rolls eyes twice). Mind you, the same things he tells you is what he probably tells other girls. He gets a new pick-up line every month and once he gets what he wants, it’s “bye honey”. You know them when you see them so be on the lookout.
8. THE BOUNDARY BREAKER: This kind of guy does not respect your physical, emotional or even spiritual (LOL!) boundaries. He doesn’t see the line signifying where something starts or ends. In human relationship, boundaries should be recognized and respected. Any guy who doesn’t respect your boundaries should not be considered even as a friend.
9. THE DREAM BUSTER: This is a guy that consciously or unconsciously kills dreams. He just has a way of discouraging people from aspiring high. Sometimes, the reason could be that his own dreams aren’t fast becoming a reality and he makes it a point to kill the dreams of others. This kind of guy will never see the pros of an idea of yours, only the cons. Beware of the dream buster.
10. THE DIRTY WORD/JOKE EXPERT: He uses words like wh*re, sl*t, n*gg*r, f*ck and the rest on a daily basis. He also makes rape jokes. Be mindful of this kind of guy. Association is to your own detriment.
Number ten concludes my list of guys to be avoided. Mind you, there’s more where that came from but I didn’t want this update to be too long and I wanted you to enjoy reading this publication as much as I enjoyed writing it.
I know my topic is GUYS TO AVOID but you will agree with me that some of these points also apply to girls so my dear male readers, beware of the sly girls too. Also, if by any chance you have some of these characteristics that I’ve mentioned, you should really consider shedding them because they are a major turn off.
Until next time people!







My name is Oseruona Asak, but I'll let you call me ‘Ruona. I haven't found the perfect words to describe me yet but I’m very passionate about those things that are close to my heart, including sharing my thoughts with you.

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  1. A good read no doubt! While reading, I was just thinking ‘Ruona is leaving out the ladies. She needs to do an update on ladies to avoid for gender equity!’. But I was cut short of my thoughts (‘random thoughts’) at the end of her piece when she so perfectly weaved in the other side of the divide in her conclusion. Yes, it goes both ways. That’s really cool!

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